How To Set Up Clash of Clans On iPhone

Installing Clash of Clans on iPhone

In today’s post we will talk about video games and especially about most played mobile game ever. Mobile games became very popular after incredible development of mobile devices. And today mobile games are played like video games on desktop computers and laptops. Most played strategy based mobile game is Clash of Clans. Almost everybody heard about this incredible game. Clash of Clans astuces is popular IOS and Android game created by well known company named SuperCell. Initially Clash of Clans was created for IOS mobile devices and was available iTunes from August 2012 year, and year after SuperCell made this incredible game compatible for Android devices which was really great since they doubled amount of Clash of Clans players!

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Clash of Clans is strategy based video game where players can build and expand their own village and level up their buildings which is important since leveling up buildings is allowing players to make bigger army and stronger defense which is very important. With stronger army players were able to win in most clan wars and get all enemy’s resources. Main resources in Clash of Clans are: gold, elixirs and most important gems. Gold and elixir can be earned by making buildings for exploitation and employing workers to get those resources for player, but gems can only be earned by doing various quests. Gems are used to speed up development process which can be very slow and painful, that’s why SuperCell introduced their players with feature to buy additional Gems from App store or Google Play store for android devices. That made progress very faster and easier since players could have bought wanted amount of Gems for real money.

clash of clans app

But that also made this free to play game a little bit unfair since not everyone could buy Gems with real money. Because of that some players progressed faster than others and could win every clan war they had with other village. Because of that various programmers made exploit tools and resource generators for all those COC players which couldn’t afford to buy Gems with real money. It is very important to mention that those tools and generators are free to download and everyone can use them without any possibility to get harmed and scammed, since all they need to do is to enter their username and amount of resources they want to be generated on their account. If you can’t afford to buy Gems with real money feel free to try free way to get Clash of Clans resources.

A Market Research On Facebook In 2015

Facebook is the largest social network

Among all the social network that surround the world, the odds are that almost everybody has heard of Facebook, this social network that surpassed all of the competition started to get popular in the year 2007, where it was announced that Facebook will be available for anybody who is thirteen years or older. From that time Facebook has come a long way, in the years when it was started the primary role of this now mega corporation was to be a social network that was solely aimed at education, and whose primary purpose was to enable people all around the world to share knowledge, this fact is backed up by the fact that the people who designed Facebook (website: were two Harvard students who initially launched Facebook for sole use of students that were attending classes at the University of Harvard.

Facebook interface

With the inevitable passage of time, everything changes, and so did Facebook. Now the common use of this social network is communication, and multimedia sharing. People use Facebook to communicate to people who are next door or to people who are on a different continent, and commonly use it as an instant message application through the use of a partner program called Facebook messenger. But the most interesting thing of all is the fact that Facebook has also become a quite lucrative business place for investors from all around the world. The two primary campaigns how people make money through Facebook are campaigns and product advertisement.

Investors are considering Facebook more and more

Campaigns are launched daily in an effort to promote something, and with Facebook having over 2 billion registered accounts, the market is anything but depleted. The second method of making money over this social network is marketing a specific product, while campaigns are usually better for making money, direct marketing can prove to be better at time due to the fact that you can target specific groups of people in order to sell your products.
As you have already realized, Facebook has come a long way from the time it was a Harvard only network, and people find new ways to utilize this social media each day.

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Some highlights of the 2010 Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.